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I want to go to Mecca to serve the pilgrims besides performing the Hajj (pilgrimage), is this acceptable? 

Is it permissible to perform the march between Safa & Marwa prior to the Ifadah?  

Is it permissible for me to delay the final circumambulation (of Ifadah) for two or three days?  

Are prayers within the revered space (between the stand of the Prophet & his place of prayer in the Prophet’s mosque of Medina) of particular merit? 

Is crossing in front of those who are in the act of praying permissible inside the Sacred Mosque?  

One prayer in the Sacred Mosque of Mecca is equal to 100 thousand prayers elsewhere, does this apply to dutiful prayers or to these & voluntary ones as well?  

Is it true that greeting & honoring of the Meccan mosque is achieved by circling the Ka’abah? Should one repeat this at each entry to the Sacred Mosque or is it enough to pray two (Rak'ah) ? 

A woman got her menses just before the last circumambulation (of Ifadah) and will not be purified before the date of her departure. What should she do 

Is it permissible for an able woman with no excuse to delegate her husband to throw the stones for fear of crowding 

If one does not feel the need to weep on Arafat and in the Ka’aba, does this signify him having a heart of stone and that his Hajj is not accepted 

What is the ruling regarding those who do not go to Mina on the 8th & leave directly for Arafat just after dinner on that day? 

What if I did not throw the stones on days 11 and 12 because I left due to an urgent matter, but I delegated someone to do so 

Is it permissible to throw more than 7 small stones to make sure that all fell in the constituency 

What if a pilgrim decided not to spend the nights of 11 & 12 of Thi el-Hejja in Mina?  

What is the ruling in attaching oneself to the door of the Ka'abah)?  

What is the ruling regarding attachment to the Ka'aba & weeping while doing so? 

What is the best form of Hajj: (a) Omrah then remove ihram then Hajj. (b) Hajj combined with Omrah in the same Ihram. (c) Hajj without Omrah? 

What is regarding the allocation of a specific prayer for each cycle around the Kaaba (each run of circumambulation)?  

What is the ruling if someone unintentionally committed an act that is against Ihram? What is the ruling if was ignorant of the matter? 

What is the ruling regarding making the vow & doing the preparation rituals for Omrah/Hajj before reaching the designated site where such rituals are due? 

Is it permissible to perform more than one Omrah at a time